Lifetime Fitness Arena Health Club

Job Coach - Nancy Camp
(612)  290-7782

Students at the Arena Club work together as a group under the job coach's directions.  They are required to wear uniforms and follow a specific dress code.  Students at the club are always visible to the member and must always be in control of their behavior.  They often work in the locker rooms and must learn to become independent in that area.  All jobs are in the maintenance area and require students to do lots of bending and squatting.  They should be able to be on their feet for up to two hours.  Students should have no allergies to chemicals or dust.


Students use large dust mops to sweep off areas such as the track, gym floors, aerobic studios and racquetball courts.  Sweeping requires the ability to walk for long periods of time and push brooms in  straight line.  Students will also use the sweeping machine on floors in assigned areas.

Glass cleaning:  Students wipe off windows and mirrors throughout the club.  This task requires standing and reaching.

Equipment cleaning:  Students wipe off all of the cardiovascular and strength training machines.  Students must be able to bend, squat and pay attention to detail to get all areas clean.

Towel folding:  Students help staff fold towels for locker rooms.  They need to be able to stand and fold towels neatly.

Mat cleaning:  Students do one section of mats in a studio or open area each day in the afternoon.  Touch up on mirrors in these studios are also attended to.

Tanning studio:  This area is done once every two weeks by either morning or afternoon students.  They clean mirrors and the outside of the beds and use the floor sweeper on the carpet as well as wipe off the windows.

Spinning room:  Students must be able to bend and squat for long periods.  They wipe down bikes, wash off mats and sweep floor around sites.

Miscellaneous projects:  Students do a variety of extra projects such as wiping off displays, wiping off furniture such as tables and chairs throughout the club.