Providence Place Senior Care

Job Coach - Sabina Levsen
(612) 290-

Providence Place is a long-term care facility which is commited to making a difference in the lives of older people and all others in need.  It is a place which creates a caring environment conducive to healing, growth and well being for all.  The three- floor facility has a north side and a south side, and on average serves about 200 residents.  There is one locked Dementia/Alzheimer unit, 6 resident dining rooms, one main kitchen, a laundry facility, a physical therapy gym, and Recreational Therapy activities.

Students will be placed in one of three departments while working her.
*Working with a department employee clearing breakfast/lunch dishes in the ding rooms
*Bring the dishes to the kitchen
*Prepare dishes to be placed in the dishwasher
*Retrieve dishes from dishwasher, place on appropriate racks
*Assist in the preparation of snacks or desserts
*Deliver clean laundry (personal clothing) residents
*Assist a housekeeper cleaning dining rooms, residents rooms, etc.
*Clean the basement area by sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, staff lounge, smoking room and empty trash
*Assist hairdresser by getting and returning residents for hair appointments, polishing nails, etc. (Tues. & Thurs.)
*Assist Recreational Therapists with activities
*Go to all floors and pick up documents for shredding
*Shred documents in shredding room, bring bags to recycle dumpster
*Log Recreational Activity participants onto computer
Same as A.M. plus
*Sort resident mail and deliver to residents on all north side floors and 1 South
*Help set up, and/or decorate dining areas for special events
*Special projects such as book rotatation and/or alphabetizing in day rooms, filling new residents "welcome bags", etc.