YWCA Downtown Children's Center

Job Coach - Sylvia Barrett
(612) 290-7559

The YWCA Children's Center is a full time child care center for children ages six weeks to five years.  Students are expected to work as " aides in training" assisting the teachers as needed in the classroom.

Students receive one full week of orientation information including:  child development, work rules/expectations and paperwork to assess reading and writing ability.

Students assigned to work in the childcare must be somewhat independent and also able to accept adult direction.  Due to the small, crowded work area and many physical obstacles, good physical mobility is recommended.

This area can accommodate two students in the morning session and two students in the afternoon.  Students are asked to assist in the supervision/care of infants aged six weeks to sixteen months.  Duties include:  playing with the children, rocking the children, feeding the children and nuturing the children.  Good social skills are important in this area because the students will have parental contact.

This area can accommondate two students in the morning session and one student in the afternoon sessio to rub backs at naptime.  Students in the morning session are expected to play with the children representing a positive role model.  They must also need to assist the teachers in implementing daily routine child care activities.

This area can only accomondate one very independent student who is pre-approved.  Students would be expected to assist in the implementation of a regular pre-school program.  Students in this area need to demonstrate good judgement and the need for little supervision.

In addition to regular classroom work skills and career learning, students are asked to prepare classroom materials and craft activities for individual classrooms.  Students need to have some fine motor abilitiy for tracing and cutting.