About Us

Transition Plus is a program for 18-21 year old students within the Minneapolis Public Schools. T-Plus provides a variety of instructional services and training to young adults who are eligible for special education transition services. Students at TPlus have an enormous diversity of abilities and potential. Every year 30 or more TPlus students attend college classes, and another 30 or more are preparing for college. Many students are living and working independently. Some TPlus students are parents. Most students are preparing to enter the employment market, in either the competitive or supported sectors. They are building their resumes by participating in employment sites and volunteering. They are exploring options for training and education outside of TPlus. They are practicing and using employment acquisition skills. In addition to employment skills, students at TPlus often work on interpersonal and independent living skills. Negotiating personal conflict, changing a tire, cooking a meal, initiating conversations, and reading and understanding an aparment lease are all skills a student might learn at TPlus.  All services fall into three areas of transition: employment, living independently, and preparing for/accessing postsecondary education/training. Students must have identified educational needs in one or more of the three transition areas in order to enroll and have typically completed four years in a high school setting prior to enrolling. 

High School Diplomas - Students earn their diploma upon successful completion of credits and/or IEP goals. A diploma from the high school a student attended or a Transition Plus Diploma will be awarded. Students may participate in the graduation ceremony with their high school peers, but receive their diploma when they complete T-Plus. Completion of T-Plus can occur at any point, as determined by the IEP, up until the school year the student turns 21, when eligibility ends.

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