IC3 Certification

91006 Internet Computing Core Certification (IC3) - 1 semester HS class + 1 college credit possible by exam    

This class provides a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that are used in technology-related career fields. By completing hands-on projects and certification exams, students can prove their skills to colleges and employers. Students can also find out if they are interested in a high tech college major or career.

IC3 prepares students for three separate exams & credentials

Key Applications - Students create documents similar to those used in a variety of businesses. Word is used to create flyers, reports, etc.. Excel is used to create budgets and data reports. PowerPoint is used to create presentations and digital stories.

Living Online - Students study the basics of networking, security,  electronic communication, online research, health & safety, and environmental impact of a digital society.

Computing Fundamentals - Students learn about the history of computing, the information processing cycle, and hardware and software basics, including overviews of operating systems. Key topics include customization of Windows stations, troubleshooting in a networked environment, purchasing criteria, etc.

See  Certiport IC3.

PDF Certification Skill Standards   --  Details on skills and knowledge covered in IC3.