Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate
The Northstar has 8 modules.

Tplus is proud to be an administrative site and certificate grantor for the Northstar Digital Literacy Project. The Northstar Project provides a pathway for adults to gain basic digital literacy skills in key areas, and a certificate to provide evidence of these skills to employers.  At Tplus, students enroll in a semester long class (Tech 1/ Keyboarding in the course catalog) to learn skills aligned with standards developed by the Northstar Project. Students have the opportunity to take assessments as they move through the units. Each student who passes at least one Northstar Assessment receives a Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate. The skill areas mastered are listed on the certificate. The areas of basic computer use taught and assessed in Tech 1 are:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Worldwide Web
  • Windows Operating System
  • Apple Operating System
  • Email
  • Microsoft Word

These six skill areas are reviewed, and new lessons added, in Emerging Tech/IC3 class, including:

  • Social Media
  • Microsoft Excel

The Northstar assessments can be used for placement of students into the more advanced technology classes. Students who can pass 4 or more Northstar assessments are considered for placement into the Technology Certification program (Emerging Tech/ IC3 in the course catalog), or Computer Science intro.