The Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) is a simulated workplace curriculum. TPlus operates two classrooms using the PAES Lab curriciulum, one for TPlus students and one for MPS high school students. When in a PAES Lab, students are exposed to a comprehensive array of  hands-on tasks from five ares in real world employment:

  • Business/Marketing
  • Consumer/Service
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Processing/Production
  • Computer/Technology

Students are encouraged to be as independent as possible in the PAES Lab. They learn many on the job skills and increase their understanding of the real world workplace. After completing a semester in the PAES Lab, students, families and staff have increased knowledge of:

  • What job skills a student can successfully perform
  • Whether a student's skills are competitive and marketable
  • Accommodations needed by each student
  • What work behaviors a student has mastered, and work behaviors that need to be acquired

Visit the Talent Assessment Inc. website to learn more about the PAES Lab curriculum.