So you think you're ready for college?


Being ready to take college classes encompasses much more than being smart and good at academics. Successful college students have strong skills in a number of areas which make a very large contribution to their success. Can you answer YES to ALL the Yes/No questions below, and think of answers easily for the others? If you can, you might be ready for college. If no, you might need to work on some of these skills before you enroll in college classes.

1.       I can describe my disability to another person. (Describe)


2.       I have one or two different methods that help keep me organized. (List them)

a.)                                                                                    b.)


3.       I know how to take good class notes.     Yes/No


4.       I make and keep my appointments.        Yes/No


5.       I hand in assignments on time.                Yes/No


6.       I need reminders to get assignments done.     Yes, from___________   / No, I can remember


7.       When I don’t understand instructions, I ask for help.   I ask_____________ / I don’t ask


8.       I have visited a college campus.   Where________________


9.       I am willing to work in a class that I find boring.           Yes/No


10.   I know why I want to go to college. (List your reasons)


11.   I know what my strengths are. (List at least three)




12.   I know what my weaknesses are. (List at least three)




13.   I know what assistance/accommodations/assistive technology I received that helped me learn.

They are:

14.   I know what assistance/accommodations I will need when I attend college.

They are:

15.   I have good time management skills. (List them)


16.   I have good study skills. (List them)


17.   I have excellent computer skills.             Yes/No


18.   I can adhere to the institutions code of conduct.  If not, why not?