Minnesota Veteran's Home

Job Coach - Eddie Blaylark
(612) 290-7653
The Minnesota Veteran's Home operates using the Co-worker training model.  The students attend orientation to learn about the positions available.  During the orientation, students are given information about work rules and expectations, dress code, vulnerable adult training, co-worker training expectations, golden rules of social acceptance and daily procedures.  Students are then able to make a choice of the work area they would like experience in.
We have identified co-workers who have expressed an interest in working with our students.  Students are supervised by the Veteran's Home staff and visited for at least 15-20 per day by the job coach.  Students assigned to the Minnesota Veteran's Home must be able to work somewhat independently and be able to accept adult direction constructively.  They need to be able to handle themselves in a professional atmosphere and maintain control of their behavior.  Because of the nature of the facility (vulnerable adult facility) careful consideration should be make in student placement.


Recreation Therapy Aide:
  This area can accommodate one student in the morning session.  Students would escort residents to the craft room for crafts and hobbies.  The student would then help residents with their projects.  An interest in arts and crafts is a plus!  Students needs to be able to recognize numbers and communicate well with staff and residents.

Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy Aide:  One student would aide physical therapists by escorting residents to and from rehabilitation.  They would also aide residents in therapy by playing catch with a ball or pushing a wheelchair along behind a resident trying to walk.  Other work would include wiping and cleaning equipment in less busy times.  Students need to be able to recognize numbers and communicate well with staff and residents.

Fitness Gym Aide:  One student would escort residents to the Fitness Gym for exercise and back to their room or floor.  Student might also aide a therapist in walking residents and cleaning equipment.  The student needs to to able to recognize numbers and be able to communicate well with staff and residents.

Dietetics:  In this area, students assist in lunch preparations, serving individual portions for the tray line and work in the dish room if needed.  Students need to have good finger dexterity, physical stamina to stand for a two hour period and have good personal hygiene.  This is a good area for students who need a very structured environment.

Laundry:  One student would match and fold socks, hand up clothes, restring aprons and possibly help deliver clothes to the floors.  This is a good position for students with lower skills.

Housekeeping:  Students would be taught the skills practiced by the co-worker they are assigned to.  The duties would include emptying trash, dust and damp mop floors, clean bathrooms, lounges, main hallways, stairs and resident rooms.  These are highly visible positions where students need to be comfortable working around elderly people and need to exhibit appropriate social behaviors.

Staff Development/Human Resources:  Students would perform clerical duties such as organizing files, alphabetizing forms, making employment information packets, shredding and photocopying.  Depending on the ability level of the student, other tasks could be introduced.  Students should be higher functioning and have knowledge of the alphabet, organizational skills and be an independent worker.


Nursing Assistant: 
Students would learn the job of Human Services Technician which is the State of Minnesota's job title for nursing assistant.  Duties performed in this area would include serving residents food by cutting the food up, opening milk or juices and getting additional items for them.  They would be required to pick up and put trays away when residents are finished.  Students would also deliver snacks and juices to the residents on their floors as well as deliver mail to residents.  This is an excellent area for students who are interested in taking the Certified Nursing Assistant course. 

Housekeeping - Same as morning.
Dietetics - Same as morning.
Staff Development/Human Resources - Same as morning.