Advisors (Case Managers)

Each student at Tplus is assigned to an Advisor, who is also the student's special education case manager. Advisors also teach all of the on site classes avaible at our building site, and some classes off site.

To find out who a particular student's case manager is, or to request to speak with a case manager by phone, please call the main office at 612-668-4100


Case Managers By Team


Team 1

Molly Botsford -

Rebecca Mijal -

Claire Connoly -

Leah Bauman-Smith -

Katurah Weyenberg -

Tom Perry -


Team 2

AJ Molle -

Chas Lemon -

Frederick Varney -

Rico Stodieck -

Brett Haugen -

Phil Lickteig -

Kai Gray -


Team 3

Dekevia Cole -

Brad Aubrecht -

Liz Carlson -

Luke Schmidt -

Elliot Kleinman -

Jacob Nielsen -


Team 4

Anie Francisco -

Doug Larison -

Qwee Parker -

Dana Treml -