Coffee Plus Cafe MPS Center for Adult Learning

Major Tasks/skills performed at work site

1.  Greet customers in a friendly manner and offer service.

2.  Take customer order and complete payment transaction.

3.  Clean and asnitize tables and counter tops.  May perform other miscellaneous tasks including sweeping, mopping and disposing of trash from the cafe.

4.  Prepare simple snack foods, coffee orders and soups.

5.  Serve and store food and beverage items according to industry standards.

Level of Job Coach support:  Minimal-moderate

Transportation arrangements - None   Cafe is located in the Adult Center for Learning building.  Students usually work twice per weke for approximately 2 hours.

Customers are typicall Transition Plus students and staff members and Adult Education students and staff members.  The Center for Adult Learning is a 3 story stand-alone buliding.