Fridays at Tplus

Fridays at TPlus are devoted to Community Based Instruction (CBI). Students spend time in the community visitng a variety of agencies, businesses, and sites that meet the needs of adults with disabilities (directly or indirectly) in the three transition areas. Students use this time in the community to explore education, employment, training, and social/recreational settings that will be a match for their interests, talents, and needs when they leave transition services. With support from staff, students also use their time on Fridays to make connections with resources to meet their current needs in the areas of housing, transportation, employment, childcare, health, financial assistance, and social/interpersonal. Speakers from the community also come to the TPlus building to speak to students about a variety of topics. On any given Friday, TPlus students might be: taking the written driver's test, applying for public housing, going to a medical appointment, filling out job applications, shopping for personal items, practicing purchasing skills, playing cards at a coffee shop, listening to a speaker from the Minnesota AIDS project, visiting a job training program, planning a city bus trip, playing basketball, meeting with a mental health counselor, attending a theater production, baking cookies, updating a resume or any number of other activities. 

Though not comprehensive, the list below is a sample of the types of agencies students visit and/or tour in order to expand their knowledge of community resources.



Postsecondary Training

Independent Living


Workforce Center

Minneapolis Public Libraries

Intermedia Arts


Thrift Stores


Job Corps

Banks/Credit Unions

Minneapolis Parks

Le Cordon Bleu

Teenage Medical Services



Catholic Charities

Coffee Shops

Aveda Institute

Urban League

Bowling Alleys

Goodwill-Easter Seals

Homeless Shelter Tours

Retail Stores

Brown Institute

Grocery Stores

Laser Tag

Newgate Automotive

Metropolitan Center for Independent Living

Theater Productions