Employment is one of the three main transition areas of a student’s IEP. Teachers and staff at Transition Plus are committed to supporting every student in preparing for competitive, integrated employment.

At Transition Plus we are committed to:
“…Ensuring that our students with disabilities have choices for competitive, meaningful, and sustained employment in the most integrated setting.”  - MN Olmstead Plan

Work Coordinators
Work-Based Learning Coordinators at Transition Plus are licensed special education teachers who have additional licensure in the area of Work-Based Learning. Each WBL Coordinator has slightly different responsibilities within the program, but all are focused on supporting students in the area of Jobs and Job Training. 

WBL Coordinator’s main duties:

  • Organize and Supervise Volunteer work sites – in school & in the community
  • Ensure proper paperwork/Training Agreements are completed and up to date
  • Establish and maintain relationships with employers and potential business partners in the community
  • Supervise and communicate with job coaches
  • Oversee worksites, ensure safety and complete site visit reports
  • Develop new jobsites as needed
  • Communicate with teachers/parents/team as needed for student concerns
  • Assist students in finding suitable paid employment & explore careers
  • Assist students with resume development and updates
  • Organize and track job search efforts and follow-up
  • Assist students with interview preparation and applications
  • OJT – On the Job Training: WBL Coordinators collect valid Training Agreements for students who have paid employment in the community
  • Oversee students working at paid jobs, visit the places of work to ensure safety, report student progress, collect student proof of working and tally hours for credit
  • Support Classroom Teachers: Arrange job-related guest speakers, attend team/IEP meetings as needed, make connections with appropriate resources in the community to assist with further employment support for