Family Liaison

Colleen Knuth

Hello Transition Plus Families!

My name is Colleen Knuth, and I am so happy to be a part of the Transition Plus Family and to have you as part of our family as well!  I have been working with Minneapolis Public Schools since 2006, and Transition Plus since 2007 in various roles.  Currently, I serve the Transition Plus community with Transportation, Family Outreach, and organizing Community-Based Instruction 

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, cat, and 2 children, reading, biking, traveling, and picking up bits of languages.  The 2005/6 school year gave me the amazing opportunity to get to know Oromo culture in Dembidollo, Ethiopia while teaching English and Math in a local school there. Akkam? Fayyaa dha? Faranjii kana tikko tikko Afaan Oromoo dubbadha.  My husband and I also got to know a bit of Central and South America through months of backpacking between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Lima, Peru, and visiting friends and family in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.  Hola Familias de Transición Plus! Estoy emocionada de trabajar contigo!   It is always great fun to discuss the beautiful life in Ethiopia and Central and South America!  There are even so many green, natural spaces to explore in the Twin Cities and Minnesota! 

I look forward to spending the year with you!