Koehler Dramm Wholesale Florist

Job coach - Kurt Peters
(612)  290-7671

Koehler Dramm Wholesale Florist has provided a beautiful spacious work area for students to train in wholesale warehouse stocking, display and office skills.  It has been in operation for 53 years with 80 employees and seasonal temporary workers.  This wholesale warehouse distributes silk and floral supplies, fresh flowers and green plants.  This is not a retail shop and has been employee owned since 2000.

Students attend an orientation on the first day on the site.  Items covered include:
  • Site rules and expectations
  • Discipline and attendance issues
  • Safety
Students are asked to complete a brief questionnaire to supply emergency and medical information.  Social skills, appropriate dress, grading, class time and specific work skills are also discussed.  The orientation day includes a tour of the facility to meet staff and locate work areas and supplies as well as cover safety training on all of the equipment and supplies used. 

Students will learn use a time clock and enter the employee entrance.  Their attendance will be tracked and total number of hours will be recognized by the Human Resource Department.  Name tags must be worn by the students that will identify them as being a part of our training program.  They will be allowed to travel freely in the building in the work areas identified as their daily task area and their location will be known at all times.  Students also keep track of their daily tasks by using a recording sheet that not only enables them to know their daily job but also helps the job coach keep track of where they are working. 

Casual apparel with extra layers is preferred because the warehouse temperatures are cool year round.  Tennis shoes are also preferred as the floors are cement and can be wet in some areas.  Students with allergies to fresh flowers may want to avoid this work site.  The work atmosphere can range from quiet to noisy depending on the seasonal rushes and the number of wholesale customers present.

Students re required to know how to locate supplies in the areas they are assigned within the 65,000 square foot warehouse.  Attention to detail is imperative for accuracy.  Bar coding of new products as well counting inventory needs to be accurate as well.  Much of the work requires physical agility such as standing, bending, stooping, lifting, opening and closing of shipping boxes, and file cabinet drawers.  Balance is also necessary in the crowded showroom because many items are breakable.   Below are some of the jobs assigned:
  • Showroom and classroom maintenance
  • Stocking shelves of hard goods and floral supplies
  • Facing products
  • Recycling
  • Counting/sorting saleable from non-saleable products
  • Vacuuming
  • Flower and new display arranging
  • Dusting shelves and sweeping floors
  • Bar coding new products
  • Aisle pick-up in warehouse and showroom
  • Seasonal advertising mailings
  • Unpacking new green plants
  • Special projects
This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience work in a large wholesale warehouse and being part of a real-life business setting.  The site accommodates 4-6 students in both the morning and afternoon two hour sessions.