Meet Our Administration


Welcome to Transition Plus where I serve as proud Principal of a very special school. We serve Special Education Students ages 18-21. Our mission is to promote students’ successful transition from high school to adult life.

My entire educational career has been with Minneapolis Public Schools. During my time with MPS, I have served in many roles, but none is more rewarding than leading Transition Plus.

I am a proud graduate of Lincoln University, an HBCU located in Jefferson City, Missouri. There, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. I earned my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of St. Thomas and my Administrative Licensure at St. Mary’s University.

Helping young people reach their full potential has always been my passion. I enjoy supporting students in their academic and social development as well as supporting and training school staff to increase their capacity to be effective teachers and nurturers of our young people. I am excited about the growth our students make because of the hard work of our staff and the various agencies with whom we collaborate.   

At Transition Plus, we believe in making a difference.


Joe Groves, M.Ed.

Transition Plus Services, Principal