Services at Minneapolis College

Minneapolis College

1501 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Doug Larison – Advisor
Office - Kopp Hall - Room K1124

TPlus students who receive services at MCTC are individuals with various disabilities who have been identified as being able to function in a college setting with on-goingadvising and case management support. This program is designed for those students are academically, organizationally, and emotionally ready to work independently and self advocate for their needs.  Students on this team attend Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC), have scored at the college level on the Accuplacer placement test, and have met criteria for Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO).  State law limits access to PSEO funding for college classes to one academic year for students are past their 12th grade year in a high school setting. Some students are encouraged to delay their one year as a TPlus/MCTC student until their second or third year at TPlus, in order to access PSEO funding with a higher degree of preparation.

TPlus services at MCTC are provided by one advisor (case manager), and two Education Support Professionals. Related services may include social work, speech/language, physical and occupational therapy, audiology, deaf and hard of hearing, nursing, autism consultations, and other consultation services as needed. 

Students also learn about services from other agencies during their time as a TPlus/MCTC student.  Eligibility for support from the Department of Rehabilitation Services, Hennepin County Services and other adult agencies is explored, in order to provide a smooth transition into the adult environment upon graduation.