Expectations of Tplus/MCTC Students

During their first semester, students meet with the TPlus/MCTC staff a minimum of twice weekly. During 2nd semester, students meet at least once a week and more often if needed. Emphasis is placed on organizational skills and the use of a daily planner. All students are guided to register with the Disability Services offices, located on the Campus, to arrange for specific accommodations. All students are encouraged to practice self advocacy skills. Students learn where on campus they can receive the help they need, such as the Learning Center or Student Services.

Campus Life is a weekly seminar offered toTPlus/MCTC students by the TPlus/MCTCstaff and invited guest speakers. Topics for the seminar are wide and varied. Representives from the various MCTC resource departments are invited to come and speak to share their role on campus. Speakers from off campus are also invited to teach students about increasing their independent living skills, such as the transition specialist from Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. This is an opportunity for TPlus/MCTC students to form supportive college friendships.