Transition Plus assists all students in developing a post-secondary plan that meets their individual needs.

College and Vocational Training Exploration
College and Vocational Training Program tours

  • Cosmetology
  • Job Corps
  • Massage Therapy
  • Trade Programs such as Summit Academy and New Gate Automotive
  • Automotive Training program at Roosevelt High School
  • Construct Tomorrow yearly event
  • Bricklayers Allied Craftworkers and the Trades
  • Culinary

Minneapolis Community Technical College [MCTC]
Transition Plus Services-PSEO, Minneapolis Public Schools

The STRETCH program serves students at MCTC in the areas of post-secondary education, organizational skills, navigating the campus and school systems. Students in the STRETCH program are supported through weekly check-in meetings and support in communicating with instructors and campus staff.

Benefits of Transition Plus Services-PSEO:

  • Special Education Case Management
  • Small Caseload
  • Coordinated Agency Plan
  • Instruction related to organizational skills
  • Campus navigation
  • Customized individualized instruction

Requirements of Transition Plus Services-PSEO:

  • Weekly check-in meetings
  • Monthly check-in meetings with instructors
  • Applying for PSEO
  • The Accuplacer Test
  • MCTC Services and Resources
  • Unpaid Internships-Project Search
  • Tree Trust/Youth Build-paid training
  • Direction into pre-apprentice training
  • Career Development classes and support
  • Pre-Certified Nursing Assistant class - The purpose of this class is to prepare students for a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program. Students will explore the career of nursing and gain skills needed in caretaking. A large focus is to have students acquire the medical vocabulary needed in the field of nursing and personal care.

Certification Opportunities
Transition Plus staff believe student motivation is increased when they are learning authentic skills that can be proven to potential employers and lead to a solid entry point into the job market. Transition Plus builds several pathways that lead to certificates or certification that are recognized in the employment market.

  • Food Service-Safe Serve Certification
    The Food Service Training seminar offers students interested in careers in the food industry training in a variety of skill areas. The curriculum consists of food preparation in cooking labs, units of study in sanitation and safety that meets the state requirements to obtain a Safe Serve Certificate, as well as a student run Coffee Cart business.  The class also prepares lunches and breakfasts for purchase and has catered staff luncheons and Family Involvement dinners.
  • Hair Braiding Certification Course
    If you are a student at Transition Plus who is interested in the Hair Braiding aspect of Cosmetology, you may want to take the Hair Braiding Certification Class. You need to already have some experience braiding and be able to work with as many different hair lengths and textures as possible.  It is important to have strong fine motor skills, as hair braiding is intricate work that requires fast, careful handwork. You need to be able to stand for extended periods of time. A good hair braider should also be skilled at communicating with clients to understand what each individual wants.

The Hair Braiding Certification does not cover as much technique as it does about sanitation methods, state regulations, requirements and professional standards. The instructor is state certified and is approved to train others. The class consists of approximately 30 hours of class time.