Transition Plus assists all students in developing a post-secondary plan that meets their individual needs.

College and Vocational Training Program tours

  • Cosmetology
  • Job Corps
  • Massage Therapy
  • Trade Programs such as Summit Academy and New Gate Automotive
  • Automotive Training program at Roosevelt High School
  • Construct Tomorrow yearly event
  • Bricklayers Allied Craftworkers and the Trades
  • Culinary

T-Plus/Minneapolis College Postsecondary Enrollment Options

Transition Plus partners with Minneapolis College to serve students enrolled in PSEO in the areas of post-secondary education, organizational skills, navigating the campus and school systems. Students in the PSEO program are supported through weekly check-in meetings and support in communicating with instructors and campus staff.

Benefits of Transition Plus Services-PSEO:

  • Special Education Case Management
  • Small Caseload
  • Coordinated Agency Plan
  • Instruction related to organizational skills
  • Campus navigation
  • Customized individualized instruction

Requirements of Transition Plus Services-PSEO:

  • Weekly check-in meetings
  • Monthly check-in meetings with instructors
  • Applying for PSEO
  • The Accuplacer Test
  • MCTC Services and Resources
  • Unpaid Internships-Project Search
  • Tree Trust/Youth Build-paid training
  • Direction into pre-apprentice training
  • Career Development classes and support