Project Search

Project Search is a one year, school-to-work program that takes place entirely at one of our two Project Search sites. The Minneapolis Children’s Hospital and the Hennepin Healthcare each host a group of TPlus students every year. Students are immersed fully into the workplace. Classroom instruction, career exploration, and job skills training are all part of the day at Project Search. Students at TPlus are eligible for Project Search in their last year of transition service (the year the student turns 21). Project Search serves students with significant cognitive, developmental, social, physical and health disabilities. Students must be in one of the following disability categories to be eligible: DCD, ASD, PI, or OHI. Students must also be eligible for County Social Services to participate in Project Search. 


The planning process for application to Project Search can begin as early as the year prior to the student’s final transition year. Families can begin the process of applying for county social services as early as possible. During the last year of transition, the application process begins in January. The process of applying is complex. Students, their families, and TPlus staff complete the applications as a team. The selection team includes Children’s Hospital representatives, TPlus staff, and other professionals. The application process includes tours, interviews, hands-on assessments, and scoring on a rubric related to entrance considerations.

Project Search programs are located in a variety of locations around the U.S.


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