Criteria for students to be considered for enrollment

As we approach the deadline for referrals to Transition Plus Services, please review the following factors in order for students to be considered for enrollment.

❏ Student is 18-21 years old

❏ Student has completed 4 years of high school

 ❏ Student qualifies for special education services

 ❏ Student has unmet goals in secondary transition (employment, post-secondary education and job training, independent living)

 ❏ Review of the student’s most recent IEP and evaluation AND grad plan (completed)

❏ Students qualify for Transition Plus based on the student’s graduation plan and needs. This plan should be determined by the IEP team and included in the student’s IEP.

❏ Referral submissions requested prior to 3/20/21.

❏ Complete referral including:

NEW! Microsoft Transition Plus Referral Form

❏ Health Plans as appropriate:


      *Please send via interoffice mail or send as PDF via email to Laura Lyman


If you have questions, please contact a Transition Plus Social Worker via email:


Thank you,


Jason Backes, MSOT

Principal, Transition Plus Services


Check out our TPlus Informational Presentation for more information about our schedule, classes, employment opportunities, and more!