Reach Out and Read (ROAR)

Major skills/tasks that students will learn to do at the worksite:

1.  Complete inventory forms.

2.  Stock books according to age range.

3.  Clean and count books.

4.  Place stickers on books and prepare orders.

5,  Sort candy.

Level of Job Coach support:  Minimal to moderate

Transportation Arrangements:  School bus.  Students go twice per weik for approx. 4 hours.

Setting:  ROAR in in the basement of a Fairview clinic.  The enviornment is quiet and has few distractions.  Please note:  Students are at this site for an extended period (4 hours) whcihc helps build work stamina.  Studnets bring a bag lunch from Transition Plus to the work site and take a 30 minute lunch break.  Typically, work sites host students for a 1-2 hour experience.