Case Managers (Advisors)

Each student at Tplus is assigned to an Advisor, who is also the student's special education case manager. Advisors also teach all of the on site classes avaible at our building site, and some classes off site.

Call the main office at 612-668-4100 to find the advisor assigned to a particular student, or to talk to a teacher about a specific class. 


Team 1

Becca Mijal -

Brett Haugen -

Collin Beachy -

Faith Binman -

Jake Anderson -

Kathy Causton -

Molly Botsford -


Team 2

Adam Webo -

Frederick Varney -

Jason Walz -

Patricia Milbrath -

Shekina Dillon -

Tia Jamison -

Tom Perry -


Team 3

Brad Aubrecht -

Greg Kalberer -

John Banisky -

Liz Carlson -

Luke Schmidt -

Mary Cannon -


Team 4

Anie Francisco -

Ann Rada-Johnson -

Doug Larison -