School Social Workers

Each student at Transition Plus is assigned to a team, and each team works closely with a school social worker. Social workers provide one to one guidance during the school day and help connect students to a wide variety of resources within the community.

Call the main office at 612-668-4100 to find the social worker assigned to a particular student.

Social Workers

Jeanne Forbes


JoAnn Gonzalez


Laura Lyman


Dara Ceasar (thru 10/27)

Rachel Hawkins (beginning 10/28)


We can help address issues related to:

Basic needs of clothing, food, shelter.

  • Social challenges.
  • Emotional and behavioral issues.
  • Mental health concerns.

Guiding them to a variety of community resources. 

  • Communicating, on their behalf, with school staff and community providers.

  • Finding appropriate support groups.

  • Supporting homeless and highly mobile students and families.

  • Supporting pregnant and parenting students.