Tplus CBVT Sites

Work sites are continuously evolving, but below is a list of sites where students worked during the 2018-19school year.

CBVT work sites:

  • Jungle Theatre: Completing light maintenance
  • St. Vincent De Paul: Sorting hangers, straightening shelves and doing light maintenance
  • Cub Foods: Stocking and facing shelves
  • Luther Seminary: Cleaning and organizing tables and chairs in dining hall, recycling, disposing of trash
  • MCTC Cafeteria: Refilling condiment containers and silverware containers
  • Anderson School: Shredding documents
  • Newspaper Route: Delivering newspapers
  • Reach Out and Read: Labeling, stocking, reconditioning children’s books, assembling shelving,  organizing books
  • ARC Value Village: Sorting clothing, organizing shelves, stocking
  • MPS Science Center: Placing materials needed in science kits.
  • Wilder Clothes Closet: Sorting, hanging, folding, shelving.
  • Pillsbury House Childcare Center: Assisting with children, straightening bookshelves, washing dishes, laundering blankets and sheets. Rainbow Foods: Collecting and putting away items in the correct areas. Dusting and cleaning.
  • St. Richards Church and School: Light maintenance
  • Children’s Dental Services: Filing, stuffing envelopes, folding brochures, laundering lab coats, breaking down boxes, stacking, tying, recycling.
  • TPlus Computer Recycling: Signing in and out, cutting wires, testing metals, sorting tools, screws and other items.
  • TPlus 3-D Computer Lab: Scanning photos, slides and documents
  • First Congregational Church: Folding and collating
  • Cookie Cart
  • Ebenezer Home
  • East Lake Electronics
  • Sabathani
  • Food Shelf
  • Underdog Resce
  • HOPE Academy