TPlus students access several community sites!

Transition Plus(TPlus) students use several community sites for a variety of purposes. Student schedules include working in the community, attending postsecondary programs, and receiving employment training. In addition, students visit dozens of community sites each year for the purposes of exploring postsecondary, employment, independent living, and recreational resources which match individual student interests and needs. Students are coming and going from community sites many times each day via school buses, public transit, walking and rides from our school social workers. 

TPlus also partners with a variety of community agencies to provide programming and special events both inside and outside of our school site. Students learn to schedule and attend meetings with important resource service agencies while at Tplus. They learn how to communicate with these agencies via phone, email, and face to face visits. They also learn what kinds of services are available from a broad range of agencies. This kind of interaction with community agencies while receiving transition support proves to be of extreme value for students who will need to access these services independently after leaving Tplus.