Teams/Advisory Groups

Every student at TPlus is assigned to both an advisor (case manager) and a team. Advisor and team placement is based on each student's abilities and needs. Some students require placement with an advisor who holds a particular type of teaching license, which can impact team placement. All teams follow the same weekly schedule. Teams provide students, their peers, and advisors a small, "home-base" environment to build high-quality relationships. Students work closely with their advisors on building a program for themselves that matches their interests and needs. Each T-Plus Social Worker has a collaborative relationship with the teams. Abilities, needs and interests will be discussed with each student when they enroll at TPlus to ensure the best match for each student to a team and advisor. Team and advisor placment is done by the T-Plus Social Workers.

Students spend 40 minutes per day Monday-Thursday with their advisory groups. Students use this time to talk individually with their case managers, work on individual goals, socialize, and work on transition skills as a group. On Fridays, students participate in Community Based Instruction (CBI) with their advisories and teams. Students visit sites in the community that can provide resources to young adults with disabilities. Click here to learn more about CBI and see a list of example community sites teams may visit throughout the year.