School Bus Service

School bus service is provided to Tplus students living in Minneapolis who are unable to use the city bus.  Because students won't have access to school bus service once they graduate from Transition Plus, we encourage (and train) students to learn the city bus system whenever possible.  If the city bus is not an option, consider applying for Metro Mobility so your student can gain access to a more independent mode transportation. 


Tplus Transportation Coordinator

Moving? Requesting a different bus stop? Please contact Colleen Knuth: 612-668-4103 between 8:30 and 4:00 or email  Please allow up to 2 weeks for a new request to become active.


MPS Dispatch for after hours inquiries

If you have questions about where your student/bus is before 8:30 or after 4:00, please contact the MPS Transportation Dispatch line 612-668-2300.  The Dispatch office is staffed Monday through Friday during hours that buses are on the street.


City Bus (GoTo cards)

If you have questions about GoTo (city bus) cards, please contact Daphne Breauxsaus: 612-668-4079,


Metro Mobility

Your student's school social worker can help you get connected to Metro Mobility. 



Using a bicycle is another great option to get around the metro area if it is an option for your student.  Tplus teaches interested students how to ride and maintain bicycles.